Ook Engelse teksten ga ik niet uit de weg, zeker niet als het persoonlijke teksten zijn. Liselotte Fleur vroeg mij om haar te helpen bij het schrijven van een pakkende about me tekst en natuurlijk heb ik dat direct gedaan. Ik kreeg aangeleverd wat erin moest staan en aan mij de taak om er een mooie tekst van te maken!

The search for perfection and imperfection. That’s exactly what inspires me. I love to capture models in a natural way while telling a story through fashion.

I’m Liselotte, a fashion and portrait photographer from the Netherlands. When I was only fourteen years old, I already knew that I wanted to be a fashion photographer. While reading many different fashion magazines, I was fascinated with the series of photographs in them. That’s what made me buy my first camera and I spend all my free time learning how it worked.

At age seventeen my dream came true: I got accepted at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. I learned so much: not only in school, but also besides that. I did many portfolio shoots to practice and to meet new, talented people. Photographing people really is my passion, especially the fashion and portrait genre.

Which shoots I love the most? Definitely the ones on a location with beautiful daylight. However, shooting in my own studio with my own equipment also makes me really happy. I always find it very important that the photographer is the one who controls the situation, not only when everything goes well, but especially when an unexpected situation arrives.

De rest van de tekst en meer over Liselotte haar fotografiewerk kun je vinden op: https://liselottefleur.com/about/